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Calvin Winter for GPO Toronto Region Representative 

I’m a software developer and political consultant who lives and works in Toronto. I’ve been involved with the Green Party since 2015 when I ran in the federal election. Since then, I have founded a CA and EDA in my local riding, worked on Adam Olsen’s successful 2017 campaign in BC, served as the Director of Technical Services at the GPO from 2017 – 2020 and most recently have served as a technology advisor for the Green Party of Nova Scotia.

We’re in a race against climate change, and time is running out. I believe that the GPO can be an important part of the solution, but it won’t be easy.

To be successful, the GPO needs to be daring. We must set ambitious targets to ensure we can effectively influence legislation before it is too late.

If I’m elected to serve as one of the Toronto Reps, these will be my priorities:

  • make PE more open and actively engaged with the membership. 
  • push for ambitious targets with a goal of being able to make a stronger legislative impact at Queens Park.
  • ensure the GPO works in tandem with the Federal Green Party to make Toronto a new stronghold for the Green movement.
  • build capacity in Toronto by founding CAs in all viable ridings, and by facilitating those CAs to work closely together towards common goals.
  • limit the party’s exposure to risk by ensuring that we are in compliance with all applicable privacy, election and labour laws. 

Upcoming Events

PE Election Webinar, Wednesday April 28th at 7PM

PE Election Webinar, Tuesday May 18th at 7PM

Important Dates

May 7th: Voting begins
May 21st: Last day for someone to join the party and be eligible to vote
June 4th: Last day to vote in PE elections

Who Can Vote?

Any current member of the GPO whose primary residence is in Toronto and who has joined the party on May 21st 2021 or earlier is eligible to vote for the Toronto Region Representatives. 

To check your membership status, please call the GPO central office at 416-977-7476 or email admin@gpo.ca

To join or renew your membership, simply fill out the online registration form. Membership is $10 for 1 year or $25 for 3 years.

If you are under the age of 18 or a member of a Green Campus club you may join for free as a youth member. Youth Members have full voting rights within the party.

Get in Touch

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